Colorful Autumn Days in Hamburg!

HH2All pics by Franzi.

I spent this Hamburg weekend with some friends from Osnabrück and their little son. I went into a musical preview (quite ok, but not a must-see), enjoyed the autumn colors on long walks and discovered a bit of Altona’s history. Alltogether, a perfect autumn weekend!

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – enjoy the colors!

HH1Those days my bike has a pretty colorful parking space!

HH4The „Niendorfer Gehege„, where I went with my pal Inka and her son (who was sleeping until we were home again).

HH3Don’t worry: We didn’t eat the mushrooms ;)!

HH5A certain mister bought me an anchor button from a button machine!

HH6Sunday we made a walk in Altona (described in this book I am currently reading in my literature club) with a short break at Eier Carl.

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