The Movies I’ve Watched: Ich und Kaminski!

After quite a long time, I went to the cinema again: Autumn has officially started now ;). I watched Ich und Kaminski and now I cannot stop thinking about it: It’s about a wanna-be biographer who has the plan to write the biography of the old & famous blind artist Kaminski …and then he only has to wait for his death to get the success he is dreaming about. The film is extremely funny, but deals also with the sad moments in life and asks what one really is living for. For a big success? For a woman? For oneself? Moreover, I was fascinated by the animations of famous paintings and the fact that Kaminski seems to represent a mix of all the big art icons of the 20th century. A must-see! HERE is the trailer.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Be creative :)!

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