Time-Travel: 100-Year-Old Films Show Artists Monet, Renoir, Rodin, and Degas!

Wow, this 100-year-old footage of artists Monet, Renoir, Degas and Rodin is really impressing! It’s like a time capsule that gives a short glimpse into the past. Monet and Renoir smoking, Rodin in his (big) studio and Degas on the streets of Paris. Chin-beards seemed to be really in vogue back then :)!

I wish you a wonderful weekend – enjoy your present :)!

Claude Monet – 1915 … The cigarette!

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – 1919 … Smoking while painting seemed to be a thing back then!

Auguste Rodin – 1915 … Somehow he remembers me on my yoga teacher :)!

Edgar Degas – 1915 … Wow, this is short! Again?

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