A Song For Tuesday: Schrei nach Liebe by Die Ärzte!

Sometimes one has to be a bit political – even on a lifestyle blog. So, what the f*** is happening in the world right now? People have to leave their countries, their homes, their belongings, their friends and family because they are not longer save there. Because there’s a war in their country they have no responsibility for. So I ask myself: Who would deny them help? Who wouldn’t welcome their warmly and try to make them feel save again? I cannot believe that we have those immense problems right now.

When Die Ärzte released their song Schrei nach Liebe in 1993, I was 11 years old. I still lived in Berlin-Marzahn and had to deal with the fact that I was already something called „left-oriented“ and many people my age were „right-oriented“. Back then I also had to ask myself what the word „attitude“ or in German „Attitüde“ really means (only that I had to find it out with the help of a good-old encyclopedia instead of to google it). It’s astonishing (and sad) that 22 (!) years later the song is more up-to-date than ever.

Go back the memory lane to 1993 while (thoughtful) listening!


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