Pickled Garlic!

Knobi1Pic by Franzi.

This simple, but slightly dangerous delicious treat was prepared last weekend in my kitchen for my Post aus meiner Küche exchange partner Cécile. It nearly burned me and it released my smoke alarm (several times). Nevertheless, I am in love with the result. So, here is the (dangerous) recipe.

Recipe: Makes two jars.

Ingredients: 2 fresh garlic, 1/2 l olive oil, thyme, oregano, red pepper, black pepper, 2 bay leaves

Preparation: Heat the oil in a big pot until it’s hot. Keep attention that it will not burn (you!). Add the herbs and the pepper in your sterile jars, add the garlic cloves and fill up with the hot oil. …Careful! Close the jars with the lids.


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