Perfect Places: Summer Edition 2015!

I am craving to go away and to start vacations somewhere. Unfortunately this will not happen very soon. But hey, there is always the possibility to dream myself away! Here are some perfect places I can very well imagine myself in :).

I wish you a wonderful (vacation?) summer week!

A big tent, a bicycle and the sea… that’s all I need! Via Instagram / Shelter Co.

Long train rides to knew adventures: Time to dream and read and dream! Via Un garçon du Paris.

Fairylights & wine & good old friends: A perfect summer night! Via instagram / thiscactusheart.

A sleep in the sun on the balcony surrounded by the mountains, breathing the cool air! Via C’est la fuckin‘ vie.

The first view after a night in a tent: A beautiful lake! Via Highest Heels.

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