GazpachoPic by Franzi.

When I heart that last weekend would be extremely hot, I prepared myself a BIG pot of gazpacho. Then I just went to the fridge from time to time and enjoyed the cool deliciousness. It’s so simply to prepare a tasty soup on hot days!


Ingredients: 1 cucumber (peeled and cut into pieces), 1 yellow bell pepper (cut into pieces), app. 200 g tinned minced tomatoes, 1 garlic clove (peeled and smashed), 2 TblSps white wine, 1 TblSp aceto bianco, a handful freshly minced herbs (I used mint, thyme and sage), app. 50 g minced almonds, salt and pepper.

Preparation: In a big pot, blend all the ingredients until the consistence of your choice is reached. Season with salt & pepper. Store it at a cool place (fridge ;)).


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