Summer Bucket List!

Summer Bucket ListPic by Franzi.

I’m a big bucket list fan… To write a list of to-dos and to talk about it is not only a reminder for oneself – it also creates some pressure to actually do those things. Here are the ten things I plan to do during the summer of 2015:

1. Swim in the sea & pick up shells on the beach.

2. Go to an open-air cinema.

3. Eat gazpacho.

4. Go to an open-air concert.

5. Have a picnic.

6. Have at least a handful of BBQs.

7. Read at least three books.

8. Try out three new ice-cream variations.

9. Walk from Hamburg’s Landungsbrücken to Wedel.

10. Have a handful of after-work beers/wine spritzers in a nice beer garden.

…And now comes the pressure-part: At the end of summer, I will tell you how many of those activities I really have done :).

What’s your summer bucket list? I wish you a wonderful start into this next hot, hot summer week!

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  1. Wow trying at least 3 new ice cream flavours is def a big one 😉 umm i guess for my bucket list it’s quite similar: more bbqs, more reading books, more time at the beach / in the sea and getting that beautiful summer tan with the lighter hair..

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