An Ongoing 365 Self-Portait Project: „Air through my Ashes“ by Mickael Jou!

„A trained dancer, I used to perform ballet and modern dance in the streets of Paris. Tourists would quite often photograph and film me in action in Paris, and after seeing the pictures taken of me, I decided that I should try it out. And so I bought a camera and read the instruction manual.“ Mickael Jou

Mickael Jou is a Taiwanese-French-American living in Berlin, who started to take self-portraits in artistic positions during everyday situations. I love dancing, I love photography and I love (ongoing) 365 days projects. So it’s maybe not a surprise that I am totally smitten by Mickael Jou’s esthetic, poetic, extravagant and sometimes crazy photos. There are many more to see on his website. By the way: I am wondering how someone is able to get enough body tension to perform such a move with a shopping card… is it actually rolling?! I really have to search a new ballet class in Hamburg!

I wish you a wonderful weekend, filled with good moves and memorable moments!

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