Theas Bryllup: A 12-Year-Old Norwegian Bride Brings Attention To A Global Issue!

Norwegian bride-to-be Thea is sharing her picture-perfect wedding preparations through her blog Theas Bryllup. Thea is 12 years old and will marry Geir – a man 25 years her senior. She’s sharing selfies, pictures of her wedding dress, but also her complex emotions about how she feels about soon becoming a bride.

Luckily, nor Thea or Geir are real.

Thea’s blog, which is called Stop the Wedding (or Stopp Bryllupet), is in fact a campaign from Plan Norway, an aid organization dedicated to protecting the rights of children. The blog was designed to raise awareness that around the world, 39,000 underage girls are forced into marriages every day — whether it’s illegal and a violation of human rights or not. The campaign was successful: While Thea’s blog was only posted for a few hours before Plan Norway noted its affiliation with it, it was enough to spark an outcry and become the most read blog in Norway.

For me, it’s very sad to realize that women and girls around the world STILL have to fight for their rights to be independent and strong persons. But this project also proofed one more time the power of blogging, creativity and campaigns. Watch also this short film about the project.

I wish you a perfect start into your weekend! Open your eyes to see the (wonderful) world you’re living in :)!

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