Dating in Times of Digital Devices: One Week with … LOVOO!

LOVOOPic by Franzi.

Last week I started to test dating apps. The first seven days I tried out Tinder … which was superficial but simple and – I have to admit this one – fun („wipe left, left, left, left … mmh, maybe right, left, left“ – I am clearly to picky :D). First I thought, that one week dating with the help of digital devices was more than enough. Then I got a lot of feedback from you asking me to test more dating apps. The one that came up the most was clearly LOVOO. So one night I finally installed it on my mobile and the adventure began…

Installation: … the installation was not a problem at all. Since I registered through my Facebook account in Tinder, I guessed that Mark Zuckerberg knows everything about my love life anyway, and did it again. There is also the possibility to fill out a registration form to log-in without using Facebook – a clear advantage in comparison to Tinder.

First Look: Since I registered through Facebook, LOVOO used my Facebook profile photo again. Simple. The very first thing I realised was that this app was beeping ALL THE TIME (->NIGHT). After checking it the next morning it said „100 guys think you’re pretty“, „5 guys sent you a kiss“ (WHAT?!), „3 guys sent you a friend request“ (Why – I don’t know them yet?!) and „3 guys became your fans“ (Sorry, WHAT??!!). Those guys were all either 18 years old or 50. They were not pretty, at least their selfies were not good enough to show this (lots of half-naked selfies … a clear disadvantage of not using the Facebook photo). And there’s this live radar thing that tracks available guys near you. Tinder also did this (and it freaked me out) but this radar even shows you who is sitting right beside you. Which may be good if you’re lonely and he is cute, but not so good if you’re sitting at your desk checking out the radar thing for simple curiosity and see that your 50+ caretaker with the nickname „Hotter than ever“ is available in the next 100 m! So be careful in what you’re doing!

Handling: Extremely complicated. I didn’t get it until the end. It took me three attempts to switch off the alarm function (The alarm came every time when someone looked at my profile, thought I was cute, kissed me (!), wanted to be friends with me, became a new fan of mine (!!) or sent me a message. The latter I would have understood, but really: My mobile was running amok.) In the end I switched everything off. Afterwards, LOVOO only sent me the message „You seem to be extremely famous today.“ I even asked a friend of mine – who found her significant other through LOVOO 6 months ago – to explain the handling of the app to me. She couldn’t, Obviously it was much simpler in the past. After a long search I found the „wipe“ function… at least I could wipe some of the uglier/younger/very old guys away now …. oh no, they could still get into contact with me?! Then why should I wipe at all?

Communication: You can chat with everyone you like to. No matter whether you have a match or not. Since I was constantly informed about the guys who liked me – I picked out some of them looking worth writing a bit more. Like in all dating apps, the chat function works in LOVOO, but it’s still better to change after a short while to other chat devices like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. My communications never lasted very long in LOVOO. I don’t know if it was me and my choosy behaviour or the guys who were unable to cope with all the girls who (in LOVOO language) „found them pretty“.

Flirt-Factor: Zero. For me at least. I first tried out the app for three days in Osnabrück and then changed to Hamburg. There, the guys were cuter, but in Hamburg there were also a lot more men using the app than in Osnabrück. Nevertheless, a real communication was never built up. Can someone explain me this kissing thing? How should I have answered? With another kiss?

Real-Life Test: Sorry, there was none. I really tried it, but somehow it didn’t work out in those seven days.

Conclusion: LOVOO may be a nice dating app … but not for me. It’s too complicated in the handling, it’s too mainstream for my taste in men and this kissing/fan thing freaked me out. Oh, and the live radar may be a good idea in general but it is also somehow creepy. So, in summary I would state that LOVOO is just not my cup of tea.

Next week I will share with you my experiences with the third (& last) dating app: OKcupid!

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week: Full of happy/lovely hours :)!

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