Dating in Times of Digital Devices: One Week with …. Tinder!

TinderPic by Franzi.

Yes, I admit it. I didn’t install the often-spoke-about dating app because I planned to write about my experiences here on this blog. I simply did it because I finally couldn’t stand my own curiosity and had to see it with my own eyes: Tinder … the dating-app that counts as one of the most superficial dating devices out there in the big digital dating space. So, I tried it: I grabbed my mobile, installed the app and voilá one week of „tindering“ started…

Installation: Simple, easy, go… But also slightly freaky: One has to log-in via a Facebook account (No Facebook? No Tinder!). At least Facebook didn’t post my single-status on my time-line. But now Mr Zuckerberg also knows discrete bits about my love-live… On the other side, one doesn’t need to register anywhere else to start tindering. Even your (Facebook) photo appears automatically after logging-in. Like I said … freaky.

First Look: I’m a big fan of clear design. Tinder is BEAUTIFUL … and really, really superficial. All you can see are pics of pretty people, not much writing – only their age, maybe one statement and how far away they are from your location (Freaky!!! The nearest person Tinder ever showed me was one kilometer away. That may not be too near, but still: Now I am very careful with my mobile since it knows every move of me.).

Handling: Easy-peasy and superficial: Open the app and Tinder will check out cute guys (or girls) for you in a radius you choose (I used 80 km). Now pics of available people in your radius are appearing: Wipe left and dismiss the guy (girl), wipe right if you like what you see (e.g. the pic). Then hope for the best: You can only get into contact if the other person also wiped your pic to the right side. Then you have a match!!! … And the game begins…

Communication: After having a match with someone, one is allowed to chat with each other. But how to start a communication? I simply took the easy route and waited for the guys to make the first step. Only in one case (he really looked too good to be true), I started the chat and wrote the incredible profound sentence: „Hi :)“ …it worked, he answered immediately and I met him two days later (and realized that profound wasn’t his thing anyway – but he really looked cute). On the other side, the men weren’t a lot more creative than me. I guess the most-often used sentence was: „Hi, how are you?“

Flirt-Factor: One sees a lot of pretty/cute/hot men (girls) and also a lot that aren’t. With my 80 km radius it took me 3 days to wipe all single men in Hamburg away. I know that I am picky. This was the proof of it. But I also had a lot of matches. One guy really made me laugh out loud in the mid of the night with his poetic writings about „the harbour at night under the full moon“. But clearly, a lot of those good-looking guys weren’t on Tinder to find their one big love. One advice: Tinder is not the perfect chat device, better change to WhatsApp or Facebook as soon as possible (where you also can see some more real-life pics of your chat-partner ;)).

Real-Life Test: I finally met two of my matches. Both were looking like what I expected from their Tinder pics. One was a bit shorter than announced (I actually checked my own height afterwards), one hobbled a bit (which I only realised after 20 minutes running in front of him in a museum). The latter was really fun, but simply not my type. The first was nice as hell (and cute… and 2 cm smaller than me!), but couldn’t follow my line of thinking. I had two nice dates. But didn’t find my big love ;).

Conclusion: Tinder is fun, it’s pretty, it’s addictive („Oh, I will only wipe 10 more guys, then I will start with my work again.“) … and superficial. Which isn’t a bad thing after all – it makes everything very easy: You just have to decide whether you like a pic or not. The real deal starts afterwards – but then you know at least, that the other side likes your look. Again, it’s superficial. But hey, it’s online dating – for me, that means picking people from a digital catalogue and checking them out in the real world later. I guess, I prefer dating offline more, but one week Tinder was at least a big adventure!

Next week I will share with you my experiences with the other big dating app: LOVOO!

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week – may love be everywhere around you :)!

Ohhh, and the X-Mas goat goes to … Frank! Congrats :)!

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