We Never Met!

I really enjoy those moments when I sit in a coffee shop, observing the people arround me and to think about the stories they might have to tell. …That’s exactly what London-based Alex Mendes and Hugo Catraio do. They make a photo of totally strangers and imagine short stories about them without ever actually speaking to them. Here are a few funny and touching examples.

I wish you a wonderful weekend full of worthwhile stories!

„If I had to sum up my whole backpacking experience in one word, it would be magnets.“ Credit.

He accidentally watched The Godfather I and III and sees no point in watching the second now. Credit.

When they first met, his hair was longer than hers. What she doesn’t know is that the money he now saves on conditioner goes straight to the engagement ring. Credit.

„I hate waiting rooms. They keep you there long enough to make you bored but never long enough to finish what you were reading.” Credit.

A guy who eats ferociously with bare hands. In her dictionary, that’s the definition of ‘sexy’. Credit.

They met on a stand up show. He knew they were meant to be together for a simple reason: they were the only two not laughing. Credit.

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