Beetroot Quiche!

Beetroot QuichePic by Franzi.

I love beetroots! Especially when its cold outside – then I really crave them. That’s why I couldn’t have enough beetroot recipes. This one for beetroot quiche is one more in my collection ;).

Recipe: Serves 4.


130 g flour, 80 g butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg, 170 ml milk, 4 beetroots (cooked, peeled and sliced), 1 diced onion, 50 ml heavy cream , 4 eggs, 40 g grated parmesan.


To prepare the dough, knead the flour together with the butter until a „sandy“ texture is reached. Then add salt and 20 ml milk. Mix until the dough is smooth. Wrap into cling film and let rest at a cool place for app. 30 minutes.

Mix heavy cream with 150 ml milk, eggs, grated parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Roll out the dough and fill into a baking tin, fill with beetroots and onions and top with milk-cheese-mix.

Bake for app. 40 minutes at 160°C.


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