Book Wish List!

So, there’s this question again: „Can you tell us what you would like to have as X-Mas gift?“ Mmmh, I hate this one. But hey, I love books. That’s makes it easy. To make it even more simple – here are some books that are definitely on my wish list this year.

I wish you a wonderful weekend – with many quite moments and inspiring books!

Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact  …Because I still have to learn a lot!

The Lover’s Dictionary: A Love Story in 185 Definitions …Because a novel written as a dictionary sounds innovative!

The Art of the Start: Von der Kunst, ein Unternehmen erfolgreich zu gründen …Because at some point I have to start!

Tell to Win … Never pitch without a great story!

Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry: Recipes and Techniques for Year-Round PreservingBecause I always ask myself how to preserve fruits and berries during summer!

My Life in Middlemarch … Because I’m a girl and I nead a treat for my heart! Plus, I also need a reason to finally read Middlemarch by George Eliot.

It’s a Punderful Life: A Fun Collection of Puns and Wordplay …It’s no secret I love Gemma! And pugs ;).

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details.

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