Singer-Songwriter Icon: Damien Rice!

I cannot believe that I have never written about Damien Rice on this blog. I only have one explanation: Damien Rice is such a singer-songwriter icon for me that it was simply too obvious to write about him. His songs accompanied the last ten years of my life. I danced to them, I sang with them and I cried to them. It’s really not a happy-go-lucky music, but somehow listen to it makes me still happy – a calm way of happy somehow. Especially his two songs Cannonball and 9 Crimes mean a lot to me. After 8 long years, Damien Rice’s new album will be released in November. I will be buying it, the first minute it’s out.

Have fun while listening!

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  1. I am also waiting for a new album since ages. But the disadvantage: only 1 concert in Germany at the end of October, which was sold out much too fast and now you can buy tickets only starting at 140 Euro instead of 40 Euro. 🙁
    Maybe in 8 years we have the change to see him 😉

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