Couscous Couscous!!

CouscousPic by Franzi.

Last week, after an exhausting sports session I decided to rush afterwards into the supermarket and to treat myself with something delicious. The big question was: What should I prepare? Something hearty because I deserved it after a hard training? Something healthy, so that I wouldn’t diminish the whole effect of the training? Or a new creation with my all-time-favorite grain: Couscous!! I decided to try the latter. Then, I was a bit creative and combined it with hearty gorgonzola and fresh ment. Voilá, there it was: A delicious hearty/healthy/fresh after-sports dinner!

Recipe: Serves 3-4.

Ingredients: 1 cup couscous, 1 handful mint leaves (cut into little pieces), 200 g cherry tomatoes (quartered), 1/2 zucchini (cut into pieces), 1 onion (diced), 1 yellow bell pepper (cut into pieces) 150 g gorgonzola (cut into pieces), salt, pepper, a dash of sugar, olive oil.

Preparation: Stir the couscous with 1 cup of cooking water and let it rest for 5 minutes. Heat the oil in the pan, roast the onion and add the zucchini and the bell pepper. Let roast for app. 3 minutes. Add couscous and roast for one more minute. Add tomatoes, ment and gorgonzola. Mix and season with pepper, salt and sugar.


P.S. Do you remember Vivien’s Couscous Salad?

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