Unmade Beds!

I dedicate this Special Monday to pictures of … unmade beds! For me, each pic tells its own story of what happened at this place before: Disordered cushions and body prints in the sheets or on the mattress. Did someone sleep there alone or did he or she share the bed with another person? Was that someone dreaming something crazy? Was he or she calm and relaxed or does the bed tell an erotic story? Photos of unmade beds are the most intimate pictures I can imagine. They are made in our private spaces and reveal more from ourselves than just our taste in bed sheets…

I wish you a relaxed and well-rested start into your new week!

Unmade Bed No 1 © Sharon Radisch

Unmade Bed No 2

Unmade Bed No 3

Unmade Bed No 4

Unmade Bed No 5 © Imogen Cunningham

Unmade Bed No 6 © Lilo Raymond

Do you know this film? It’s  wonderful (& its soundtrack as well)!

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