What I Listened To When I Was A Kid!

When I looked through the old record collection of my parents two years ago, I also found some of my old (German) children stories on LP. I took them with me. – They make me think back on my childhood. Sometimes I lay on my couch and listen to an old story, which remembers me on that comfy feeling I had as a child when I spent hours sitting in the bedroom of my parents with ‚my‘ LPs. Oh, sweet childhood :)!

Have fun while listening (& remembering)! Which stories did you listen to when you were young?

Der Traumzauberbaum – Reinhard Lakomy THE classic LP of my time. A collection of composed stories: In the „Traumzauberwald“ (forest of dreams) stands a „Traumzauberbaum“ (tree of dreams) with many colorful leafs. Every leaf tells the story of another dream. To be honest, I have to admit that I didn’t understand the whole story when I was a kid … and I thought that it was a bit spooky. But today I am fascinated by all the fantasy in it!

Alfons Zitterbacke – Gerhard Holtz-Baumert Alfons Zitterbacke is a boy who always causes (unintentional) trouble. I loooved to listen to his adventures and spent many hours with this LP at the record player in my grandparents‘ house.

Das Wolkenschaf – Fred Rodrian A sweet story about a small girl who wants to help a sheep that fell down from sky onto the earth and tries to get back.

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