What I Think About When I Think About … Yoga!

Yoga… What do I think about it? My ‚yoga life‘ started with the classic hatha yoga. I performed it on an irregular basis: I liked the fitness aspect but it never calmed me down. Then I started with kundalini yoga. My yoga teacher Fateh was recommended to me from different people. I was extremely sceptical because I was always told that she „is great, but a bit spiritual“. Then came the point where I really needed to do something to relax my mind and to boost my fitness level. So I tried it… and yes, it is spiritual. But it also works for me. During the classes I have to laugh a lot – either because of funny comments (from Fateh or other students) or because of the strange positions I shall perform. But hey, that’s the way it goes with yoga – one has to overcome the inner boundaries, to laugh about it, keep calm and carry on. Yoga helps me to stay fit, to conquer my own doubts and to stay calm and focused. Is there anything else one could expect from a (spiritual) fitness regime?

I wish you a good start into a fantastic new week, filled with many calm, focused and happy moments to enjoy!

Great overview about the benefits of Yoga. Via Everyday Trifles.

An astonishing yoga pair: Yoga instructor Laura Kasperza shares frequently pictures from herself doing impressive yoga moves together with her little daughter. Via My Modern Met.

Another impressive yoga pair: Gemma Correll and her pug. Made me laugh.

Wow… Briohny Smyth shows in this video there’s no limit to what the yoga body can do.

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