The A – Z of Dance! Happy Good Friday!

Easter! Extra long weekend! Yeah! {Imagine me performing a little dance} I am now in Berlin with my family and old friends. Hopefully, I will also find some time to relax a bit since the last weeks were crazy and the following will be even crazier (did I mention my plan to first join a conference in Osnabrück that will take place until 5 pm one day and the next day I have an appointment in Vienna at 9 am and two days later I have to be on the station in Osnabrück again to take a train at 6 am?? If I will make it to all these appointments in time, you’re allowed to call me superwoman :)). The video project for i-D and Diesel by director Jacob Sutton captures the world’s hottest dancers, performing the alphabet. Sounds crazy? It is! Wonderful crazy & worth watching!

Happy Good Friday & I wish you a wonderful (not too crazy) easter weekend!

P.S. More cute bunnies

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