April Favs!

Tomorrow is already April, 1st! This weekend, I spent some time with friends, a BBQ and marshmallows in our allotment garden. It was a perfect spring afternoon and I realized how far the nature already is. The air feels warm and cozy these days and the sun makes everyone smile. Hello April and hello fresh week – I hope, we will have fun with each other!

I wish you a perfect new week and a wonderful April with many spring days that will make you smile!

These mini citrus tarts look sunny and delicious!

I love this jeans spring look!

This kids beanbag made me laugh and looks like fun!

YES! A candle that smells like a bookstore! Extremely funny for a book nerd like me!

Two inspirational videos:

First, the evolution of love in less than 5 minutes.

Second, 29 ways to stay creative.

And last but not least, a song to bring you in the right spring mood.

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