The Weather Is Fine: Radiant Sky Photos by Eric Cahan!

The weather forecast for the weekend sounds perfect: Clear sky and 20°C! Hey there spring! I plan to go to our allotment garden and to arrange the flowers on my balcony. Until then I look at the photos of Eric Cahan’s sky series. Those are radiant – you stare at them and your mind goes blank. It’s the same effect as lying on the beach and just enjoying yourself and the blue sky above you. Eric Cahan’s work is for me the colorful analog to some of Sugimoto’s photos. Compare them yourself!

I wish you a wonderful weekend with fantastic clear skies and a lot of sunshine!

33.2535325, -115.7101789
Salton Sea, CA
Sunset 6:46pm

18.5333333, -68.3666667
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Sunrise 6:58am

37.738141, -122.308502
San Francisco Bay, CA
Sunset 7:33pm

40.938026, -72.300539
Bridgehampton, NY
Sunset 7:48pm

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