What I Read on Top of the Mountains: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella!

Sophie Kinsella’s book may be falling into the category of chick lit. But hey, who cares – sometimes a girl needs a little bit dreaming away and relaxing her mind. Sitting on the top of the mountains, on a bench in the sunshine in front of an alpine hut and waiting for my friends to come back from their skiing adventures, there could have been no better distraction for me than to read Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella.

It’s about the girl Lottie who thinks that her long-time boyfriend will propose very soon. When he didn’t, she breaks up with him quite spontaneously. Then, out of the blue, she gets a call from her first love. When he proposes on the very first date – after they didn’t see each other since they were teens – Lottie believes in fate and says YES.

Lottie’s older sister Fliss can’t believe she’s doing something so crazy. She is in the mid of a divorce herself and to save her little sister from making this sad experience she does everything to prevent the wedding …

It’s great fun to follow the sisters paths – especially since it is written from both perspectives, Fliss‘ and Lottie’s. So, the reader can understand both intentions. Wonderful (chick lit) read!

I wish you a weekend full of relaxing hours for your minds!

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