Unbelieveable Photorealistic Paintings by Yigal Ozeri!

„Wow… wow! Really?!“ Those were my thoughts when I first saw the paintings (!!!) by the Tel Aviv-born and New York-based painter Yigal Ozeri. Followed by „unbelievable“ and „stunning“. Yes, those pictures of beautiful women – lying somewhere around in the nature – are paintings, not photos. Yigal Ozeri first photographs his motives, then he edits them digital and afterwards he replicates them with a paint brush. Wow… (again).

I wish you a stunning weekend!

P.S. I will be on vacations next week (yeah!) .  During this time three wonderful guest bloggers will entertain you at this blog. Thanks, Marie, Dania & Youdid!

YO, Untitled; Shely (2013)

Yo, Untitled; Zuzana (2013)

Untitled, Priscilla in ecstasy (2009)

Untitled, Lizzie in the snow (2010)

Untitled, Garden of the Gods (2011)

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