Esprit Montmartre

It is around 1900. We’re in a district of Paris called Montmartre. You may have heard of it. Or you’ve even been there before? In any case, I would like to present you an amazing exhibition on the life in this district around the year 1900.

It gives you spectacular insights into the life of artists at that time in that district, painting a vivid image of contrasts to the mundane Paris of the “belle époque”. It also addresses clichés such as the can-can girls of the Moulin Rouge, flamboyant coffeehouse night and colorful afternoon tea scenes as well as penniless artists drinking absinth – which at that time was cheaper than wine.

Interested in these kinds of details on the lives of artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, van Gogh, Picasso and Valadon as well as the lives of prostitutes and street artists? Have a little taste of the exhibition now and come see it until 1st of June.

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