Girls‘ Night Out! At Home!

This last weekend I spent many hours with good (girl) friends of mine and I realized once again how good it feels to be with them. There are no limits in what you are allowed to talk about – life, books, films … and yes, also about men. It’s always refreshing to share opinions and it simply gives a cozy feeling to be in a circle of equal-minded females. So, we obviously should spend more time together! That’s why I prepared a small list of girls‘ night outs that you actually can have in your own homes. That makes it easy (& spontaneous) to organize, cheap & a lot more private than to go out in a club or a beauty center (two things I nevertheless would also love to do with my girls more often)! So, let’s have some pretty fun girl’s night outs together :)!

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week and many fun hours with good friends (of every gender)!

Girls‘ Night Outs:

A slumber party – with sparkling wine, nail-polishing, ice-cream & romantic films!

A cooking party – a kitchen filled with chatting girls feels always warm & cozy!

A sing-star night – because every girl loves to sing with her friends!

A cocktail night – whose cocktail creation tastes the best?

Or a wine tasting! Everyone brings a different bottle of wine plus a piece of fitting cheese!

A DIY night. Together your projects will be done so much faster. – What about decorating some totes or crocheting a bonnet ?

A game night  (Scrabble, Monopoly, Uno, Skat…)- brings the competitive sides to light (and also a lot of laugher)!

A Disney or Jane Austen film night!

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