A Valentine’s Message from the Vikings!

It sounds like a really cool PhD thesis that would make the perfect party conversation: „What a you doing?“ „I’m a runologist, currently writing my PhD thesis about translating old viking runes carved on wood“. Mmmh, I guess that’s more interesting than trying to explain people that you are studying transport pathways within yeast cells (I know what I am talking about)… And runologist K. Jonas Nordby from the University of Oslo seems also to be quiet successful with his studies – he was able to translate the so-called jötunvillur code and solved the secrets behind some quite old viking wood carvings. The messages were surprisingly ordinary and the (app. 900 years old) one you see pictured above is not only simple but also romantic: „Kiss me“! Doesn’t it fit perfectly to Valentine’s Day?

I wish you a romantic start into your weekend & send out all my love to you my dear readers  as well as to the people in my life making me smile so often! XO!

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