Thread Art Pt.II !

Art that includes threads of all kinds doesn’t lose its fascination for me. It’s incredible how many different possibilities there are to create something with yarn or wool and a few stitches. I already showed you some examples in my first Thread Art post a while ago. Meanwhile I found a lot more gorgeous thread creations and I decided that it’s time to make a second post about it (and maybe also a third). Oh, I wish that I would be a bit more talented with a needle… I would beautify all loose old photos that lay around in my flat.

Jose Romussi

Lionel Stitchi aka Molly Evans

Knits for Life

Diane Meyer

Teresa Barboza

Do you remember the first Thread Art post?

I wish you a beautiful weekend! Maybe it’s time to start crocheting a new bonnet ;)?

All pics taken from the artists‘ websites. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details.

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