What I Think About When I Think About… Fettes Brot!

For me, the German Hip Hop band Fettes Brot seems to exist forever. They were singing their first big hit Nordisch by Nature while I was entering the first club in my life (in 1995, I was 13). I felt creepy at the dance floor, but at least I was able to sing the text. 1996 I changed schools, their hit Jein accompanied me in the earphones of my Walkman. When I went to university, I saw them live in Osnabrück at the Campus Invasion. They sang Emanuela and I was pretty impressed by their performance. 2010 I was again in a club and sang to their new version of Jein, together with a bunch of friends from my PhD time. And they still are playing new songs… like I said – they seem to be there forever …and that’s a good thing 🙂

Have fun while listening!


When I was young (1990s)

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