Dear Santa… (My Wish List)!

Dear Santa, I know I was not always the best-behaved girl this year. But at least I tried my best, so pleeeeeeease let me find one (or more of) these items under the X-Mas tree. There are many good reasons why you should consider my request. Here they come:

…because every girl likes jewelry: Petal Pendants via wsake.

…because I need a pause now and then: Yoga mat via Sat Nam.

…because the writer inside me is a little geek: Print by QuillandFox via Etsy.

…because I often forget to load up my own batteries: Nike fuel band via Amazon.

…because there’s always time for a good chicklit: Bridget Jones‘ Mad about the boy by Helen Fielding via Amazon.

…just because it’s beautiful: Jeans dress via Asos.

…because one should never end dreaming: Braun record player. And just in case it’s really too much to ask about, THIS LP would also be okay.

XOXO, Franzi.

P. S. I wish you a merry good week :)!

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