Go Running!

Due to my backbone issues I had to skip running for a few months. I would not have expected it to be so hard to abstain from it for a while, but running was always the simplest way to let the pressure go without much effort. Okay, maybe not without much effort… it was always a small torture, but afterwards I felt incredible every single time. Now we have fall – my favorite running season – and I’m finally fit enough to run at least small distances. The right outfit is essential for a good run. It has to be functional and warm, but not too warm. Bright colours are a must – it’s pretty hard for any car driver to make out a grey figure running in the early fall twilight. That one needs good shoes is clear – which shoe fits your feet the best has to be analyzed by a running shoe expert (I bought mine in my favorite running shop in Berlin). I also use special running socks to prevent my feet from blisters. For us women a sports bra is of course also essential – nothing is more bothersome than wobbling breasts while you’re running and trying to enjoy your surroundings. And last but not least it’s never wrong to entertain yourself while jogging down a road with motivating music.

Now: Go running!

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