„A life without a pug…

… is possible but pointless.“ That’s a statement from Loriot. He was a (funny &) wise man. If I would have the possibility to have a dog it would be definitely a pug. They are extremely ugly-looking but in fact they are ugly enough to be cute again. When I see a pug I have to smile – they just always look a bit out-of-place. They are funny. And who – honestly – can withstand their charm? I thought that a few pug pics will be a real mood-lifter at the beginning of yet another working week…

I wish you a big smile on your face, the whole new week long!
Funny Pug Example 1

Funny Pug Example 2

Funny Pug Example 3

Gemma Correll’s Pugs :D!

Funny Pug Example 4

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