September Favs!

So, now we have September… I like this month. Honestly – but this year I’m also sad that summer is gone so fast. The pace of time is just not mine at the moment. Don’t understand me wrong: There’s a lot I am looking forward to in September – the last golden summer days, the first colorful leaves, the herbal smelling air. It just would be okay to arrive a tiny bit later.

I wish you a long-lasting golden September!

I already made this cinnamon bread – and it was sensational! Via Zucker Zimt und Liebe (recipe in German).

Second Skins is a brilliant photo series of stylish fashioned animals by photographer Miguel Vallinas.

A nice decoration idea. Via Justina Blakeney.Beautiful lace earrings … wanna-have! Via Etsy.

A wooden record player by Braun. Product design at its best!

A nice DIY idea: Painted stones. Via Handmade Charlotte.

A song for a relaxed start into this new month.

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