Recipe Round-Up! …& Result of the Monthly Challenge to Write a Food Diary!

Lately I stumbled upon a bunch of delicious looking summer recipes. With healthy dishes as well as sweet treats they are a wild mixture, but since I’m craving for every single one of them, I decided to share them with you anyway.

Okay, this was the fun part of today’s post. Now we come to the hard facts … and my Monthly Challenge of Writing a Food Diary.  I made it … for exactly one (long) week. Then I was incredibly unnerved with remembering every single bite and decided that the challenge was over. What I hoped for with this challenge was that I would realize some hidden food traps of mine and that it would support me in developing a healthier lifestyle. The problem only was that I didn’t discover any food traps and that at the end of the day I very seldom had a big epiphany about my food choices. I try to eat in a conscious way anyway – so there were no real surprises. And isn’t this a very positive outcome? –  I am aware of the my food choices. With or without a food diary.

Healthy & yummi: Asparagus-Avocado Salad via A Beautiful Mess!

Sunny looking: Raspberry Buns via Lykkelig.

Refreshing: Frozen Passionfruit Souffles via Taste.Store the summer for the harder (winter) months: Preserved Lemons via A House In The Hills.

Because summer means that the zucchini season has started: Grilled Summer Squash & Peach Salad with Manchego & White Truffle via Roost.

Fancy: Sweet and Salty Banana Chips via A Beautiful Mess.

Done ;)!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details!

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