Easy-Peasy: Zucchini Sauté!

Zucchini Saute

Pic by Franzi.

Imagine the following scene: It is late evening, all shops are already closed, your fridge looks empty and you are feeling hungry. There’s nothing to cook in your kitchen. But wait – there’s at least one zucchini and one onion left. Mmmmh… there in the back of the fridge are some tofu sausages hidden. Okay, then let’s prepare some of them plus a zucchini sauté as healthy side: Just slice the zucchini and the onion very,very thinly. Heat some olive oil in a pot and add the vegetables. Wait – wait a bit longer… until the zucchini slices are really tender. Then add some salt and sugar beet syrup (or honey), cook for one more minute. Season it with salt and pepper.


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