…a vitamin bomb! (OR: The fruit salad with a delicious secret…)

Fruit SaladPic by Franzi.

I know what you are thinking right now – a fruit salad is not a very original idea to post about. But I do it anyway, because my immune system needs a big vitamin bomb and because my fruit salad carries a little secret. It is made from – obviously – fruits: in this case I used kiwis, strawberries (with a tiny dash of sugar), honey melon, bananas and an apple. The dressing is made with the juice of one orange. So far, so good, so ordinary … but then I also added some grounded GINGER. Yes, ginger. I would claim that I invented this gorgeous idea, but unfortunately I didn’t. I found the suggestion of adding ginger in an antique cookbook that once belonged my great-aunt. But now I will make a tradition out of it – never again a fruit salad without my beloved ginger.

Try it out yourself… it’s a revelation!

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