Love in Songs!

With Valentine’s Day on Thursday, this week is clearly dominated by the topic of love – and in Germany also by carnival. Unfortunately I am not really much into costumes. Maybe I’m also not very much into the topic of love right now, but at least I am into music and thought it would be a great idea to make a post about love songs. This was until I realized that there are not many love songs that are celebrating love, but a million that are celebrating the loss of love and the state of heartsickness. Shouldn’t a love song be optimistic? The Beatles shouted out loud: Love, love, love – love is all you need. This is what I call a love song! My own picks are maybe not as optimistic as the Beatles, but they all tell a story about love and all its shapes.

Do you have a favorite love song? Let me know!

The new one:
Rhye – The Fall … Melancholic, but honest and who knows… maybe he stays.

Three classics:
Phil Collins – Against all Odds … One of the saddest songs ever! Sometimes you simply love … against all odds.

Mariah Carey – Without You … The love song of my teenage years. Today I know that life goes on, but I still like this tune.

Angus & Julia Stone – You’re the One that I want (Grease Cover) … This one at least is truly optimistic. But don’t listen to this version when you’re suffering from heartsickness. I accidentally did this once and it was not helping a lot!

One anti-love song:
Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith – I’m not in Love … Because I’m not in Love.

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