Get the College Look!

Maybe you are wondering why I make a College Look post… – The simple answer: I’m flying to Oxford next week to visit some friends of mine. It’s my first time in good old England since the incredible long time of five years and the very first time of me visiting Oxford. I have this phantasy of very old castle-like buildings, big lawns and girls wearing plaided skirts or corduroys and a lot of earthy colors. It’s pretty exciting to go there, especially because I FLY there despite my big fear of flying. But luckily I know that it’s worth it – it’s Radiohead’s home town, there are rumors going on that Oxford has one of the biggest book stores ever and I will be accompanied by my pal Isa (who happened to be in historic building research with a special expertise for university buildings 🙂 ). And now I excuse myself – I have to pack my slippers into my travel bag…

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  1. Greatings to the old town. Hopefully the mathematical building is finished by now. The old one was neither good locking nor architectural interresting. Trinity college and the old colleges alike look very nice. Oh and yes, lots of foreigners there. It is like the only town in england where everybody is evading you on the sidewalk to the right side due to the tourists majority. 😉
    – little bro

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