About Rituals…

Rituals4Pic by Franzi.

Do you have any rituals that you follow on a regular basis? I do. Most of them somehow developed themselves: They were initiated once, turned out to be great and then were repeated and repeated until they suddenly became a ritual. This is how the ritual to meet up with friends for a coffee after visiting the farmers market every Saturday was initiated, or the ritual to watch the here in Germany very popular crime series Tatort with my pals in the cozy pub every Sunday night. Or the ritual that Thursday evenings are special evenings for me, because I have time for myself. Or the ritual that Saturday afternoons are the perfect time point to make all weekly telephone calls to my friends and family members. The newest invention of a ritual is still in its developing phase: A few friends of mine and me were meeting up for several Friday nights in a row and after some time we all realized that this is the perfect way to say goodbye to your work and hello to your weekend. We either cooked, or just had a nice red wine and a good talk or watched a film together. Nothing big, but enough to look forward to when you struggle with the daily pressures on a Wednesday. Rituals give your life a schedule you can trust, but they are never fixed. This is the best part… they are completely flexible, and if you skipped them for one week you still know that one week later, it is very possible that you find yourself again in a circle of friends or finally alone conducting a good old ritual.

Do you have any weekly rituals? Let me know! I wish all you a week full of great plans to look forward to!

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