Under the X-Mas Tree!

Only five more days until X-mas eve! What will you wear under the X-Mas tree – will you be casual in jeans and sweater or dressed up? I decided for the latter option and just spent some time creating my dream outfit in X-Massy colors: Dark red and a dash of green combined with a nice black dress. …And now I have to hurry up for my next pre-Christmas event (drinking Feuerzangenbowle with friends).

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2 Kommentare zu „Under the X-Mas Tree!“

  1. So what turned your outfit out to look like?
    I usually dress up for christmas eve. I had prepared a short ivory coloured crochetted lace skirt and a plain dark brown shirt with ankle high boots. But I turned out to wear blue jeans and a hoodie ^^

    1. Black dress, wool cardigan and woolen tights – that’s how my X-Mas outfit turned out to look like :). But casual under the X-Mas tree sounds also perfect!

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