Stay dry & pretty: Rain Boots!

I prepared this post because of the wish of a special lady, who needs rain boots especially for one important occasion a year: The Bachelor Auction at the Brokser Heiratsmarkt, a big folk festival in Northern Germany. There you can find her and her pals in their most beautiful rain boots having so much fun – at leat that’s how the photos are looking like every year. I’m a bit jealous that the event will not fit into my schedule, but maybe I will still buy a pair of rain boots… Because one never knows when one needs to look pretty in the rain the next time.

Colourful by Asos.

For the City by Tatoosh via  Zalando.

Pretty with a bow by Topshop.

Pinky by Topshop.

With wedges via Proidee.

Rustic by Aigle via Proidee.

Comfy and warm by Globetrotter.

How funny are these slippers for your high heels?! Via Zalando.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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