Don’t forget your notebook: Moleskin Sketches!

It happens very seldom that I leave the house without my notebook. And like it’s probably the case for all notebook-addicts, most of them are Moleskins. Meanwhile I have an ever-growing collection of filled notebooks on my desk and it’s always a big fun to go back in time while scrolling through them. They are filled with EVERYTHING: Recipes, poems, to-do lists, wish lists, ideas, new song or book findings, random addresses … and on a few rare pages with drawings and sketches of mine …which I promise you, you will never see ;). Nevertheless, I am fascinated with Moleskine sketches – such a variability, creativity…wow. I’m official jealous of all those small and big artists out there who know how to turn a blank notebook page into a piece of art. Here are a few examples I found in the Flickr group Moleskine: One Page at a Time – a very nice collection of images of the pages inside Moleskine notebooks.

ParqueColon-36th World Wide Sketchcrawl by James Richards fasla

calle Mesón de Paredes con Sombrerete by aidibus

Old Tree Uprooted by Typhoon Vicente

Feira-Livre em Copacabana XII by Angelo Rodrígues

Bar Bosch by Feliu RS

More Buttons by mariana95santos

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links!

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