August Favs

I know… I’m a bit ahead of time with my August post. I was convinced that this week will start with August 1. Crazy… must be the heat of the last week. In the moment, it’s raining outside. But honestly, I’m happy for my flowers about it and inside it smells like summer rain. But back to August… this was always the month of the big holidays for me and in my imagination the one that feels the hottest with the air full of promises of new experiences. Thus, I’m curious what the month this year will be like. But first things first: Here are some inspirational finds I like right now!

Why is it so hard to make friends over 30? That’s the topic of an insightful New York Times article by Alex Williams, the husband of Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo! You have to read it!

Schooner Melamine Plates… simple, robust, beautiful and affordable!

I wanna have this carafe by SKRUF! Looks fantastic!

Cute print and so true!

White Peach Cooler via The Clever Carrot. Imagine to drink it on a hot August night on your balcony. Perfect summer feeling!

How delicious do these looking (ok, I’m quite hungry now…)?! Jalapeno Cheddar Popovers via Mother Thyme!

… And last but not least a song by the beautiful Sydney Wayser to bring you into the fresh month in very relaxed mood!

I wish you all a good start into this new week and (later) into August! XO!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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