Questions of a single…

Being single at the end of your twentieth/start of your thirties makes you think a LOT. It’s not that you’re brooding over one subject the whole time, but there are these distinct questions that reappear on a nearly daily basis. Clearly, one of these is: „Am I the only 29 (+) year old person in the world who is asking these things?“. Hopefully I’m not. That’s why I created a small overview about the questions that were appearing in my mind during the last few days.

Is there anyone among you who is asking themself the same things? Or, that would be even better, does anyone of you know the answers? It would be so great to know!

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    1. Hey single girl! I still believe that optimism rules the world. Thus, we should never ask ourselves something like that… How about:“What’s wrong with the guys we always like the most?“. Greetings back 🙂

  1. Hey, I think I can answer some of the questions 😉
    How do you know if a guy is single? It usually helps to ask him.
    Why does it sometimes feel like everyone around you is in a happy relationship? It’s a change in your perception. You’re suddenly focussing on couples, in particular „happy“ couples. There are not more than usual and it’s not „everyone around you“. You are just neglecting the fact that there are also others. 🙁
    What do you say to the cute stranger in the book store? „Is this book for your girlfriend? – No? – Would you like me to sign it for you?“

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