They are back: The Cranberries

The Cranberries had an enormous influence on me during my teenage years. I still remember how I sat in my bedroom listening the first time to their hit Zombie and wondering what the hell this woman was doing with her voice -not quite sure whether I should like it or not. Okay, these days are long gone, their song I can’t be with you is one song among my all-time top 10 and every time I accidentally hear Zombie in the radio I think it’s pure ingenuity.
When I read that after more than a decade there will be a new studio album released (Roses – out February, 27th), I was a bit sceptical if they can ever reach their old level. But after prelistening to its tracks (via iTunes) I am totally convinced and can’t await to buy it!

90’s: The Cranberries – I Can’t Be With You

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