Dancers Among Us

I am fascinated by the Photo Project Dancers Among Us. Since 2009, photographer Jordan Matter creates pictures of professional dancers in everyday situations everywhere around America. The images are not digital manipulated, but a result of hard training. In 2013 the work will also be published as a book. Look at the control of the bodies, the colours and the common surroundings… Like I said – fascinating!

Thanks Dania for recommending this great project to me!

Sarasota, FL – Danielle Brown (attack of the seagulls)I love the composition of this pic. HERE is film about the shoot.

Madison Avenue – Arianna Bickle …look at this body arc…jealous…

Lincon Center NYC – Parisa Khobdeh …that’s how dancing in the rain would look like. What an atmosphere!

Long Grove, IL – Katherine Scarnechia …oh yeah, I still miss you summer…

Ft Tryon Park, NYC – Evgeniya Chernukhina …okay, I’m already feeling dizzy because of this height…these dancers a really searching their limits, don’t they?

Macys NYC – Annmaria Mazzini …That’s not exactly what it looks like when I try to jump above a puddle. What a lady in red!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links!

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    1. You’re welcome 😉 And thanks for this great tip with the Berliner Staatsballett. Actually, I am currently thinking about a special moday post with the topic „dance“ and this book would fit perfectly. Have a nice weekend!

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