Wanna have: Jewelry

I know, I know – „Diamonds are a girls best friend“… But maybe it is not just a prejudice. You know, the plan was to show you three to four (max!) jewelry items to brighten up your days (…or outfits). Now it was quite an effort to decide for ONLY eight. I guess, that makes me quite a girl…

Vintage bow brooch via etsy jeanjeanvintage … I love this little shop, selling wonderful, AFFORDABLE vintage accessories!

Smoke – Czech Glass Necklace via etsy LMDesignz … beautiful in its simplicity.

Owl necklace via etsy xoxoiishop …because I know there a many owl lovers among you.

Purple Banded Agate Necklace via etsy LMDesignz … a marble around my neck? Yes, please!

1960 Leather Sunburst Necklace via endless … not quite a bargain, but still: I wanna be a hippie today!

Vintage Prism – Kaleidoscope Necklace via etsy xoxoiishop …so clear, so wonderful!

Hand Blown Glass Orb Necklace filled with Pyrite via etsy xoxoiishop …without words. Just these: MY FAVORITE!

Butterfly Pocket Watch Necklace via etsy MichelleHartney shop …let’s get back to the 1920th. So beautiful.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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