The Fresh and Onlys

„I’m stealing from everybody. When I’m writing, what comes out is the direct result of all the best songs I’ve heard. And the best I’ve ever heard are the ones that hit you straight in the gut.“, Tim Cohen from The Fresh and Onlys admitted lately in an interview with the SPIN magazine. The US indie rock band was formed in 2004 by Cohen and bassist Shayde Sartin. Today the band consists of four members, together with Wymond Miles and Kyle Gibson. They are seen as a key band of San Francisco’s „new garage rock“ movement and their sound is located somewhere between Rock and Punk and Folk – it is hard to describe… What drew my attention were the guitars, the voice and the texts – the mix of it all. Have fun while listening!

More information: Wikipedia, The Fresh and Onlys Blog, The Fresh and Onlys at myspace

BTW: The new album is expected this year!

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