Maison Scotch

Amsterdam label Maison Scotch was launched in 2010 and with Fall/Winter 2011/12 they present already their fourth collection. The clothes are simple, yet always stylish with this certain „je ne sais quoi“. One can wear them either with a rebellious or a romantic-vintage attitude.-I like both ways. Hav a look into the Maison Scotch lookbook!

Available via Scotch & Soda.

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  1. Well, sis. You said I should make a statement, when I see a writing mistake. And this one is funny, because as you know I am SOOOO bad at french, but it gets actually written: „Je ne sais quoi“. 😉 I know so, because of the second most famous french sentence in the world: „Je ne sais pas“. Well, and when I was going to see how much this clothes cost, I recognized the online shop is given me an occasional 404. Not too cool for a minor mode label that depends on it. Seems like nobody is actually having a capable administrator nowaydays, right sis? 😉

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